Caçadores do Filme Perdido (Ynvolve): visual identity & cover art.
Astalon: Tears of The Earth (LABS Works): character design & animation.
Murder (Peter Moorhead): character design & animation.
• Red Bull Parallels: pixel art graphics.
• Stranded (Peter Moorhead): character design & animation.
• Drib The Flappy Alien (Frame2Frame): character design & animation, environment art.
• Adventure Time Explore The Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW (Wayforward): animation cleanup.
• Fate Fighters (Odity): character design & animation.
• Insane Spacewalk (P.Barberz): character design & animation.
• NeoMech (Playerthree): character design & animation, additional UI design.
• Zombie Building (INZMORE): character animation, environment art.
• Color Crush (Photonstorm): UI design.
• Turma do Chico Bento (Insolita Studios): additional UI design.
• Battle for Wesnoth (Free Game Alliance ): additional character animation.
• DN8 Pulse (GamingYourWay): character design & animation.
• Holiday Havoc (Underground Pixel): overall art.
• Brain Collector (Instant Games): overall art.
• Dodgeball Safari (Ovni Studios): character design, additional character animation.

Full Time position
• Campaign (Thomas Egas & Insolita Studios): character design & animation, environment art.
• Rotten Situation Zombie Inception (Insolita Studios): overall art.
• Hotels Simulator (Insolita Studios): UI design.
• Ceclor Ski (Webcore Games): animation.
• Game Diferenciado (Insolita Studios): UI design, animation.
• Freekscape (Kidguru Studios): UI design, VFX.
• Ampligo Caterpillar Invasion (Insolita Studios) Browser: UI design, animation.
• ModdusPlan (Insolita Studios) Browser: UI design.
• Hero 108: Defense of The Big Green (Cartoon Network): UI design, character animation.
• Game Futebol Globo (Webcore Games): UI design, model texturing.
• Surfínia (Webcore Games): additional UI design.
• Ludo Park (Insolita Studios): UI design, character animation.
• Coleção Empreendedores (Insolita Studios): animation.
• Ilha do Empreendedor (Insolita Studios): UI, character and environment design.

Personal / Game jams
• Legendary Space Battle Densetsu (Global Game Jam): UI and environment design.
• Missão Casamento (game for friend's marriage): overall art.
• Zy X W.Vuts (Pack of Horrors game jam): overall art.
• Fall of Webocre (Global Game Jam): character design & animation, environment art.
• Team Forte (SPJam game jam): character design & animation.
• N.O.E.L.: character design & animation, game design.
• Stick Jedi Adventures: character design & animation, game design.
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